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Fingerprint AOC Card ( Authentication On Card )

Fingerprint AOC Card ( Authentication On Card )

Smartcards with ultra-thin fingerprint sensor and fingerprint authentication algorithm

Easy system deployment with minimal maintenance

- Fingerprint reader NOT required at host equipment

- On card fingerprint database

- No backend fingerprint database

- User is responsible for safe keeping of the card

- Hygienic! Only user touches fingerprint sensor


- System for fingerprint authentication → On card

- Location of fingerprint extraction → In card

- Location of fingerprint authentication → In card

- Protection of privacy → by user's discretion

CMOS fingerprint capacitance sensor

- 8H Hardness near diamond coating for more than 10 million finger placement

- Ultra-low power consumption, 3mA in operating mode

- 64-bits encrypted security key for best personal privacy

- Anti-ESD +/-30kV

- Pixel resolution 256 true gray scale calues

Optional features

- Contactless RFID for access control

- Contact security IC including JCOP and Java

- LED indicator


- Medical hospital / health care credential

- High security access control credential

- Financial and banking transaction